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Meet the Band

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Drums - Sheldon Brazil

Sheldon was born and raised in Calgary. He started playing drums at 12 years old, playing in school and garage bands. He kept his music career as a drum instructor after high school, also working as a sound tech at various venues in Calgary and has been playing in bands ever since. He continues his drumming with RMF, holding the back of the stage up and keeping the band in time and in line!


Bass - Khi Mattu

A graduate of the Grant MacEwan music program in Edmonton, Khi cut his teeth on the Western Canadian music scene. Playing various styles from funk to country has allowed him to develop a bass style that is both fluid and adaptable. Performing in Rocky Mountain Fever gives Khi the opportunity to let his experience and love of playing live music come to the stage at every performance.


Guitar - Darin Mollberg

Darin comes from a musical home in Manitoba. He learned piano in his youth but decided to pick up the guitar in his teen years and hasn’t stopped playing since. John Fruciante, Ian Thornley along with classic guitar gods like Angus Young and Slash have shaped his sound into what it is today.


Vocals/Guitar - Jordan Paul

Born and raised in Alberta, Jordan Paul has grown up in the musical landscape of the Canadian west. As a multi - instrumentalist, Jordan works as a music educator in Calgary, but has a passion for singing live rock ‘n’ roll. You can also catch Jordan Paul performing acoustically in restaurants, bars, and clubs throughout the city.

To visit, click Jordan's picture.
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